Partial birth abortion.

The phrase is an oxymoron of itself. How does one do both birth and abortion in one procedure? It appears that doctors perform this feat by inducing a “partial” birth … which then turns into an abortion.

I never heard the phrase “partial birth abortion” until the late 1990s. The procedure, as I understood it then and understand it now, is as oxymoronic in medical terms as it is in linguistics.

How and why would it ever be in the best interests of the mother to induce labor of a near-term baby, which is then delivered feet first with all the tearing and agony to the mother that this entails, then stop the delivery long enough to suction out the baby’s brain before pulling out the head backwards?

How graphic do I have to get to demonstrate that this would be agony for the mother, that it would damage her physically, and that it is far more dangerous to her medically than just delivering the baby normally and trying to save it?

Partial birth abortion is so obviously bad for the mother that I did not, when I first heard of it, believe that it existed. I honestly thought that the term and the procedure were both fictions that someone dreamed up.

I remember that I talked a doctor I knew and was told quite clearly that “no doctor would do such a thing.” What, this friend of mine wondered, would be the point, and what woman would allow this to be done to her?

I was in private life then, that cozy warm womb of full-time-stay-at-home-momism that allowed  me the luxury of shrugging my shoulders and dismissing the whole debate out of hand. I returned to more pressing concerns, such as lesson plans for my homeschooling and what to fix for supper.

Fast forward a few years, and, I was back in elected office again. Elected office is not the place for shoulder-shrugging dismissals. It is incumbent on office holders to dig down past the public sound smog and figure out what really is. When I did this about that grisly medical procedure with the oxymoronic name, Partial Birth Abortion, I discovered that it wasn’t hyperbole.

Doctors were actually doing this to women. I wasn’t shocked when I learned this. After all, abortion kills. Abortion kills healthy people in graphic and ugly ways.

My understanding of human nature told me that once people start killing for money there isn’t a bottom to it. That has proven true on a societal as well as an individual level.

So, I wasn’t shocked to learn that doctors could sink this low. But I was nonplussed. What was the purpose of this particular form of murder? Were docs doing it because it gave vent to their inner misogynist?

That alone did not explain the tenacity and downright ferocity with which abortion industry advocates fought for this procedure. If abortion alone had been their motivation, there were a lot of other ways to kill the unborn.

Why did they risk everything to defend this particularly grisly, dangerous and damaging method of killing the baby? It did not make sense.

This morning, I got my answer. It was, as these things usually are, about money.

Which leads me to the first rule of political understanding. When something someone does makes no sense, when it seems in fact to be a liability to them, but they won’t stop doing it, and they won’t quit and they won’t get off of it no matter what it costs them, look for the money.

If you can figure out who is making money out of this thing that political people won’t stop doing, you will understand why they are doing it.

So, who’s making money out of partial birth abortion? More to the point, how does partial birth abortion turn a profit that other methods of abortion wouldn’t turn? A practical abortion movement would adopt another procedure and side-step the political calamity of defending partial birth abortion to the public. But they didn’t.


Where was the money in partial birth abortion, as opposed to other methods of killing the unborn?

The answer was right in front of me all along. I just didn’t look at it squarely enough for it to swim into focus. Then today, I watched a video of Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, explaining that Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of the babies it aborts in late-term abortions.

Dr Nucatola described the ever-evolving market for body parts in simple and graphic terms. She also made it clear that she used partial birth abortion to kill the babies whose body parts Planned Parenthood harvested and sold.

And there was the reason. I would guess that the reason, the real reason, why the abortion industry fought so hard to continue doing partial birth abortions is that partial birth abortion does not harm the highly profitable body parts of the dead child.

If you put the mother through an induced breech labor, deliver the baby feet first, then stop the delivery long enough to suction out the baby’s brain before delivering the head, you do not crush or injure the lungs, heart, limbs, liver and other organs that you will subsequently sell. It’s a simple as that.

This is about killing people for money. Partial birth abortion is the method of killing that earns the most money.

I could go on for a bit about the bill of goods We the People have been sold concerning the so-called Partial Birth Abortion “ban.” The language in that statute is as porous as the colander I use to drain spaghetti. Dr Nucatola makes that clear in her comments on the video.

When I looked the statute up this morning and read it, I knew that we’d all been had. The law is a political job, and the job was done on pro-life people.

But rather than discuss the statute, I’ll focus on the primary point of this post. Partial birth abortion makes sense to me now. I understand why the abortion industry fought so hard to protect it.

The reasons have nothing to do with “women’s health.” I knew that at the get-go. I recognized the politics of it, even though I didn’t have my finger on where the money was coming from.

I still may not understand all the money. I doubt if I do. But a big chunk of it surfaced in the video. It’s about killing people using the method of killing that allows the killer to make the most money out of each kill.

The first rule of political understanding is proven once again.