Reader Barbara observes...

...that one of the principal differences between the Left and the Right is that the Right tends to recognize the reality of sexual sin (real or imagined) while more or less ignoring the possibility of gustatory sin, while the Left tends to obsess over gustatory sins (real or imagined) and ignore sexual sin.  So, for the Left, you can have intimate congress with a cow, but don’t you dare eat it while, for the Right, gluttony and selfishness tend to be a pecadillo (certainly not one of the Seven Deadly Sins) and attempts to help the poor tend to be viewed as incipient communist revolution. 

So just the other day, a reader was informing me that he didn’t believe in the corporal work of mercy of “feeding the hungry.”  Let the parasites get a job!  Why should decent citizens support useless eaters?

And here is Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of the City of Polymorphous Perversity demonstrating the Lefty side of reader Barbara’s point:  We must regulate soup!