On Not Giving Up, Have You Ever Considered Building a Home Chapel, and More Great Links!

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On Not Giving Up – Regis Martin at Crisis Magazine +1

Have You Ever Considered Building a Home Chapel? – Catholic Stand +1

Only Got an Hour and Want to ‘Get’ the Eucharist? This Video is for You – Kathleen N. Hattrup at Aleteia

The Icon of Our Lady of Kazan – Gregory DiPippo at New Liturgical Movement

Bear the Cross for Christ: Priest’s Powerful Reminder for Catholics in Mourning – ChurchPOP

Do You Follow an Envelope Jesus? – Gabriel Garnica at Catholic Stand

The Changing Face Of Mary Magdalene – Father Dwight Longenecker

Fed by the Lord – Father Joseph Gill at Ignitum Today

Sacristy Tips: Every Jot and Tittle or on the Color of Missal Ribbons and Liturgical Time – Shawn R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal

How the Ambrosian Rite Survived Charlemagne – Notkerus Balbulus at Canticum Salomonis

Saint Pope Pius V and Traditionis Custodes; Ultra Vires – Father John Hunwicke at Mutual Enrichment

New Mass Rules Begin Their ‘Study Period,’ How Long Will It Last – J.D. Flynn and Ed Condon at The Pillar

New Cover Sheets for TPS Reports: Traditionis Custodes – Dale Price at Dyspeptic Mutterings

Fr. Z Comments on the Latin Mass Society Examination of ‘Traditionis Custodes’ – Fr. Z’s Blog

Rigeo, Riges, Rigere. . . ; Regarding Traditionis Custodes – Amy Welborn at Charlotte Was Both

The Isolated Pope – James at Cream City Catholic

Want More Great Catholic News Links?  Click Here! - Tito Edwards at Big Pulpit

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Christians Have Always Recognized the Pope’s Authority — Here’s Proof From the 1st Century

Why would early Christians in Corinth “obey” a bishop from hundreds of miles away in Rome?

Should Christians Believe in Karma?

Karma is trendy, but it’s also a lot darker and less hopeful than people realize.

Taking a Child by the Hand

SCRIPTURES & ART: The 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year B)