No More Lights Under a Bushel Basket

The federal government demands that you to be a Christian for just one hour a week on Sundays and the rest of the time that light must be hidden under a bushel basket. That didn't just happen. The government has come to believe they can get away with this. And I believe it's because we let them.

In Sunday's gospel, many mocked Jesus for saying a woman wasn't dead, just sleeping. "Arise," He said. And she did.

Showing how little things change, many today say the Church is dead. They mock and jeer Christians. But it's time to arise.

It is said that the meek shall inherit the Earth...but that doesn't mean we have to be quiet about it. I think for too long many of us have confused meekness with weakness. I'm done with that. The apostles went all around the globe preaching the Good News. They submitted meekly to the power of Jesus but they unsettled people and changed the world. You know how bad you have to annoy people to have them crucify you upside down?

When someone sneezes I'm going to say, "God bless you."

I'm not going to say, "Happy Holidays." I'll say "Merry Christmas." If you're offended, find a therapist.

When my children and I are out in a restaurant we're not going to say grace so others don't see or hear. I won't be praying so they see me but I won't be praying so they don't either.

I'm not going to sit on the periphery of conversations about marriage. I'm going to explain exactly why I think marriage is between a man and a woman. And I'm not going to worry about being called a bigot or hatemonger.

I'll discuss abortion in public. Too often in mixed company, I've been quiet for fear of offending.

When someone talks politics I'm going to explain exactly why pro-abortion rights politicians don't have my vote.

When someone says religion causes wars, I'll ask what Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Hitler would say about that.

I will explain how love transformed my life.

I'm going to say precisely why I think it's wrong that the federal government is forcing religious institutions to cover inherently evil acts.

When people ask me if all five of those kids are mine, I'm going to tell them every blessed one is mine. Every blessed one.

I'm going to work to be an example of love in this world.

Let others mock and jeer just like they did Jesus. It's time we woke up like Jesus ordered the woman. Arise.

You can have my bushel basket. I won't be needing it anymore. People are going to see my light whether they like the light or not. How about yours?

President Donald Trump during his speech at a "Thank You" Tour rally held at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pa.

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