NJ Senate Silences Abortion Critic

The New Jersey State Senate silenced a woman, Darlene Dunn of Burlington, who attempted to testify against Planned Parenthood. They called her testimony irrelevant because the bill only had to do with giving millions to…Planned Parenthood.

Hear the outrageous audio here:

Remember last month when the NJ Senate failed to override Governor Chris Christie’s VETO to fund Planned Parenthood? Well, since then, as you can imagine, the abortion giant hasn’t been idle. They immediately instigated the legislators they have in their back pocket to reallocate funds from elsewhere in the budget towards Planned Parenthood.

Dunn, who tried to tell about how badly she was treated during her abortion at Planned Parenthood, was told that her testimony was irrelevant because the funds directed to the abortion giant won’t directly pay for abortions. This, of course, is the biggest ruse used by pro-abortion legislators everywhere as if millions of dollars wouldn’t free up funds from elsewhere.

New Jersey Right to Life has more info and is calling pro-lifers to action.