New FREE Video Resource for Youth Ministers

Momentum Studios. Check them out. Their mission:

“Momentum Studios is a Catholic production company producing solid Catholic videos for youth.  We pray that our videos will ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of every Catholic teen and bring them into a deeper understanding of the faith and into a profound union with our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

They are doing a series on the sacraments that I think will be very helpful for youth and youth ministers. You can check out the first couple of them here on Confession and Confirmation. I’ve embedded the one on Confession below.

Great as a teaching aid or simply something easy to share, these well produced 5-7 minute videos are made particularly with youth in mind - but are helpful for anyone.

Check out their website and their youtube channel. I’m looking forward to the rest of their videos on the sacraments and to everything else Momentum Studios gets up to in the future.