Pope Francis recently compared the abortion industry to the mafia. If you ask me, that's not really being fair to the mafia though.

Here are 10 ways the mafia is different than the abortion industry.

1) The mafia doesn’t receive millions in government funding.

2) The mafia kills to protects its business interests. For Planned Parenthood, killing is the business interest.

3) The mafia claims that killing is only one percent of what they do.

4) Mafiosi go to jail for not paying taxes, Planned Parenthood doesn’t pay taxes.

5) One was founded by a ruthless racist thug. The other is the mafia.

6) When the mafia kills, it’s illegal.

7) The mafia shoots witnesses. The abortion industry demands their taxpayer money.

8) The mafia often employs the right to be silent under questioning. The abortion industry seeks to silence all who question it.

9) The mafia claims to be organized crime. The abortion industry is so organized, killing isn't even a crime.

10) As long as the abortion industry does its job, you won’t need a godfather.

Bonus: One is “the family business.” The other is the anti-family business.