Let Me Tell You About my Friend Drewey

He’s a sweet young man.  Fond of horseplay.  Loves his family.  Heart of gold.  The world would be a vastly poorer place without him.  I’m morally certain that when he dies he will go straight to Heaven.

Oh.  And he has Down’s Syndrome.

Now let me introduce you to Frankie Boyle.

Ol’ Frankie is what our post-human civilization regards as “funny”.  How does he make a living?  By making fun of people with Down’s Syndrome.

On national television.

For a lot of money.

When civilized people complain about this barbarian, do you know what the response of his network producers is?

No.  Not an immediate firing and a full apology for allowing trousered ape on the air:

“We think that it is important that a space on terrestrial TV exists for comedy that takes risks and pushes boundaries and we stand by our original decision to broadcast the programme.”
Shane Allen
Head of Comedy, Channel Four (one of the four main terrestrial channels in the UK)

Yes.  In the Country that Used to be England (and soon throughout the West) we are seeing barbarians in pinstripe being rewarded for making war on the mentally disabled in the guise of humor.


Because the very existence of such people is a massive rebuke to the Culture of Death that would kill every disabled person in the name of convenience.

Think it can’t happen here?

The sheer hatred our Chattering Classes have for disabled folks and the people who love them and care for them hits you in the face like a furnace.

Tomorrow is the Feast of the Holy Innocents.  The dragon still cherishes a special hatred for the weak and the infant.  When you go to Mass, say a special prayer both for the children and for savages like Frankie Boyle and all such court jesters for Herod.