Late-Term Abortion Facility Closed in Maryland

“It’s a miracle. You fight for something for seven years, and all of a sudden it’s handed to you.”

Germantown Reproductive Health Services
Germantown Reproductive Health Services (photo: Google Maps)

An abortion facility in Germantown, Maryland, where late term abortions were performed, is now closed.

Run by infamous abortionist Leroy Carhart, Germantown Reproductive Health Services had been the subject of prayer and pro-life effort among local groups for several years. This facility was one of three in the U.S. known to perform horrendous late term (third trimester) abortions, with the two remaining ones located in Colorado and New Mexico.

In even better news, the abortion facility has been purchased by the Maryland Coalition for Life (MCL).

As reported by the Washington Post, the sale is scheduled to be finalized this fall. The abortion facility closed sooner than anticipated, after MCL worked tirelessly for years to close down the facility. The group organized prayer rallies outside the building and opened a pro-life pregnancy center right across the parking lot to offer genuine help to women in unplanned pregnancies.

A statement by NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) posted on the website, Abortion Pages, states: “Each longtime owner of a medical facility seeking to willingly close the business has to choose when and how to do so in the best interests of one’s family as well as the community that has been served. Although the announcement of the closing of the Prince George’s and Germantown Reproductive Health Services may seem sudden, it has been known in the Maryland abortion care community that the owner had been considering ceasing operation.”

Carhart, the abortionist at the now-closed Maryland facility, has a horrendous history of injuring and killing women during abortions, as well as committing health violations and gross negligence. For years, he has committed abortions after 26 weeks gestation when babies are clearly viable (though viability is medically possible much earlier) and when the health of the mother can be saved more quickly through a C-section.

He was featured in Live Action’s Inhuman investigation, where he was heard comparing preborn human beings to “meat in a slow cooker.” He also admitted that he commits late-term abortions on healthy women and babies.

While Carhart says he plans to open another abortion facility in Maryland, the closure of the Germantown one and its purchase by MCL is being celebrated. Dennis Donnelly, the group's media director, told the Washington Post, “It’s a miracle. You fight for something for seven years, and all of a sudden it’s handed to you.”