Killer Cuomo

When it comes to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislation, if it saves even one child, we must act. If it kills 150,000, even better!

Governor Andrew Cuomo is all over the news. He recently gave his state of the State address. The headlines were all about guns. He forced upon the legislature gun control legislation without any time for consideration. We must act now to save the life of even one child. Oh yeah?

But Cuomo doesn't want live children, he wants dead ones and more of them.

Fully one third of all pregnancies in New York State end in abortion. That is over 150,000 dead children every single year. By contrast, do you know how many people (not just children) last year were murdered by rifles, the target of his highly touted assault-weapons ban? Five. Yes five people were murdered by rifles, 150,000 by abortion.

But if Gov. Cuomo has his way, that number will be going up. A key Cuomo initiative in his state of the State address was expanding abortion in the state. One in three babies killed in utero is not enough.

Kathryn Lopez quoting Kathy Gallagher explains,

“He never spoke about the baby who never had a chance to grow up. It’s offensive to us women who know what his abortion expansion bill really does. It opens up late-term abortions for any and all reasons, allows non-physicians to perform abortions, threatens the religious liberty of Catholic hospitals and other institutions, makes abortion immune to any reasonable regulation, such as parental notification or taxpayer limits.”


What Cuomo is trying to do on the abortion front is scary, draconian, and extreme. The NY Catholic Conference lays it out.

Governor Cuomo’s Abortion Expansion Plan
10. It moves New York State in the opposite direction of “safe, legal and rare.”
9. It would undermine beneficial maternity and prenatal care programs, which could be deemed “discriminatory” for favoring childbirth over abortion.
8. It could be used to compel Catholic Charities and Catholic schools to counsel and refer for abortion.
7. It could be used to compel all hospitals, even Catholic hospitals, to allow abortions on premises.
6. It makes abortion immune to prudent regulations supported by large majorities of the public: parental notification for minors’ abortions, restrictions on taxpayer funding, informed consent or a waiting period for pregnant women.
5. By inserting a broad “health” exception into our law, it opens up third-trimester abortions for any reason at all, leading to more late-term abortions of viable, fully formed infants.
4. By repealing the requirement in current law that only a licensed physician may perform an abortion, it endangers women’s lives.
3. By tying the abortion expansion plan to helping victims of domestic violence and ending pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, these important objectives are held hostage to an illogical and ideological agenda.
2. It will not foster women’s health or dignity or promote women’s equality.
1. It defies common sense because New York is already the abortion capital of the nation, with 33% of pregnancies ending in abortion, 40% in New York City.


If this active promotion of death does not warrant some kind of strong episcopal censure, then nothing does.

I urge the Catholic Bishops in NY and particularly the Bishop of Albany Howard J. Hubbard to not only continue to oppose this legislation but to cut off the Governor from Communion, and to sincerely consider excommunicating the man.

I mean, if saves even one life, it is worth it, right?