Just How Many Genders Are There?

Gender Indoctrination in the Public Schools

“People can feel like girls, they can feel like boys, they can feel like both, and they can even feel like neither,” Joel Baum, director of the activist group Gender Spectrum, tells the students at Redwood Heights Elementary School in California in the accompanying video. “Gender identity is about what’s in here (Baum says pointing to his chest). It’s about what’s up here (pointing to his head) and in here (again pointing to his chest).”

It’s all part of the Oakland Unified School District’s efforts to create “gender sensitive environments for kids.”

When I see something like this, taking place in the public school system, I cannot help but think of the kind of indoctrination that children growing up in the Soviet Union went through.

In support of their “teaching,” educators such as Baum point to gender-bending fish to suggest that since such exceptions are found among animals, it must certainly be “natural” to find similar exceptions among human beings.

“You are just like a fish,” one can almost hear Baum telling the students. “In fact, you are a fish with legs.”

Scripture, quite plainly points out that, “God made them male and female.”

Yet, the highly paid educational gurus and gender experts know so much more than the Heavenly Father who created us, don’t they?

The so-called “gender experts” suggest that there could be as many as six or seven different genders. Others have gone on to say that there are as many genders as there are individuals.

While the education the school district is imposing upon young children is designed to expand their concepts of gender identity, the likely result is that it’s leading to greater gender confusion.

“What am I?” a young boy is asking himself. “I always thought I was a boy, but now I’m thinking that maybe I’m neither. Maybe I’m a fish.”

Rather than providing clarity, the lesson serves primarily to confuse. A lesson that is supposed to lead to less ostracization, probably leads to more, as those students who always believed that there were simply boys and girls are now ostracized by their peers for their “abnormal” beliefs.

It’s another fine example of our tax dollars put to work in the public school system. Our children may not know how to multiply or write a sentence, but at least they’re not constrained by our limiting constructs of the male and female person.