If Only Bachmann Ran A Sex Change Clinic

The big “scandal” around Presidential hopeful Michelle Bachmann is telling of where we are as a culture. And it’s not good.

It’s been reported that Bachmann’s husband runs a clinic that, aside from doing all sorts of marital and personal counseling, also attempts to help homosexuals not act on their impulses.

Learning of this, the media screams that the clinic is trying to “cure gays,” and their response falls into three categories which are: Gasp! Horror! Mock!

You’d think this was a huge scandal by the way the media is reporting this. Over 440 news stories have mentioned this, according to Google News.

The State reported:

Republican presidential candidate and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is facing her face major political hurdle in her bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, battling reports tying her to a clinic attempting to “cure” gay and lesbian patients.

USA Today reported:

The husband of GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann is defending the methods used at the couple’s counseling clinics…

MSNBC reported:

NBC’s Michael Isikoff reports that undercover video taken from Michele Bachmann’s husband’s Christian counseling center “reveals that her therapists are using prayer and Bible scriptures to help cure people of homosexual tendencies.”

NOT THE BIBLE!!!!!! Aaaaaaahhh!

There was even an undercover video from a pro-gay group called “Truth Wins Out” that was played by all the news media, consisting of a man going in and asking about being “cured.” (Suddenly the media likes third-party undercover videos despite ignoring Live Action’s undercover videos for years.)

The New York Times reported it, saying:

“Their conversations touched on faith and God; Mr. Becker volunteered that he was raised Roman Catholic. Asked about the possibility of “getting rid of it completely,” Mr. Wiertzema replied that some people had, but that for others homosexuality simply “becomes manageable.”

Wayne Besen, the founder of Truth Wins Out, said, “What we found was reasonably professional with a skewed point of view toward homosexuality being a negative and no offering of hope that it is something positive.”

That doesn’t sound like a bunch of wackos, does it? Even Truth Wins Out had to admit that they were “reasonably professional.”

But that hasn’t stopped the media or the secularist left from absolutely flipping out about this as if this “scandal” was worthy of tarring and feathering Michelle Bachmann.

Let’s get this straight. According to the media and the secularist left (wait, am I being redundant?), if people struggling with homosexual tendencies reach out for help and are trying not to act on their impulses, somehow that is illegitimate? Somehow that is scandalous? They should be shunned? These people don’t deserve help?

It’s not like Bachmann and his roustabout clinic buddies are heading down into the Village in an unmarked van, rolling up on some men, and forcing them into the van and taking them to the clinic for brainwashing. They are responding to people earnestly reaching out for help.

Yet the words “crackpot” and “bigot” were used on CNN in their coverage of the story. And worse (much worse) elsewhere. I guess when some say “acceptance” they actually mean just accepting their worldview and shutting up. And leave the Bible stuff at home you crackpot bigot!

Certainly many in the media would praise someone who went to counseling and discovered they were going from heterosexual to homosexual. Would that even cause a stir? Heck, there would probably become a Lifetime Movie of the week. A film about a woman becoming a man was recently an Oscar contender.

The secularist left constantly says we should leave people alone to be what they want to be. They praise those seeking to have their genitals sliced up in order to switch genders, as they say. But if someone chooses to not act on homosexual urges, that’s crackpot? Why? Because it’s Christian.

And “Christian” is a dirty word.

Think about this. This Bachmann scandal is a “scandal” of being Christian. If you believe homosexual acts are a sin, that alone is a scandal to these folks. In a time where gay marriage is becoming the law of the land, this should worry all of us.