I found proof of God

There is all of this stuff…

...therefore there is a God. You either get it or you don’t.

Don’t think about it too much. Just enjoy it.

And if you are still thinking about it, consider that “if Creation were a crime, would not God be the prime suspect?” (quote by Robert Brault).

On second thought, it’s a bit funny thinking of Creation as a crime. Instead, imagine you came upon a gift…the most beautiful gift you’d ever seen. And this gift provided everything you ever needed. You really had no clue how you ultimately came to receive it because every question you asked about it was answered with even more questions. This gift sustained your very life. Without it you could not exist. None of your loved ones could exist. Every single joy and pleasure you experienced in life could not and would not have ever existed. And you did absolutely nothing yourself to attain or to deserve this gift.

Would your posture be one of doubt and suspicion? Would it be one of self-indulgence and self-righteousness? Would you demand that the giver of this gift provide absolute proof of themselves before you could say thank you for such a gift? As if the gift wasn’t proof enough of their existence already?

Or would you give the giver of such a gift the benefit of the doubt? And with good reason assume that such a generous giver might know a bit more than you do. Would your posture be one of humble gratefulness? Would it be one of debt to the giver? Even if you didn’t know everything about the one who gave you the gift? Would it not be proper and just to spend every minute of your life in thanksgiving for this gift? Without which you would have absolutely nothing?

Of course, we should do the latter. But we don’t. Cuz we’re spoiled brats.