Healthcare dot What Now?

Do you remember the good ol' days when Presidents only lied about sex?

Yeah. It was a simpler time.

So after lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying and lying about your ability to keep your plan and your doctor in order to fundamentally alter the relationship between the individual and his government there is one question.

What now?

As a direct and preplanned result of Obamacare millions of people will lose their health insurance come January 1, 2014 and with millions more to follow shortly after. Many people will be left with no insurance and no viable or affordable plan to take its place.

Now in Washington, the same people in both parties who scorned and ridiculed those who tried to stop it just a month ago as unhinged zealots rejecting the law of the land are scrambling to do what they ridiculed just a few short weeks ago--delay the mandate and grandfather cancelled plans.

That is a useless political solution to a very real problem for millions of Americans. What honest pols and insurance people acknowledge is that it is likely too late to grandfather and re-instate cancelled plans.

So why the scramble to pass the revised law? 


The politicians in Washington want the blame to fall on anybody but themselves.  Right now government is the only culprit.  They hope that by passing a grandfather law, you will forget that the government caused all these predictable and planned problems and you will blame the insurance companies. 

"We passed a law to grandfather the plans," they will cry. "Don't blame us!  Blame your greedy insurance company!"

In other words, they are preparing the big lie again to cover up the big lies they have been telling for the last years.

And all this devastation is just the individual insurance market.  When the employer based mandates kick in, the devastation will be orders of magnitude worse.

Truth is it is mostly the Democrat party that is responsible for this fiasco.

But the Republicans are urging each other not to allow the Democrats to pass any extension to the mandate.  Not because they acknowledge the ineffectiveness of a last minute grandfather plan, because they WANT you to suffer.  They want you to suffer so that you will blame Democrats come November 2014.  (Except for those previously scorned few) They don't want to help you so that you vote for them, they want you to suffer so you vote against the other guy?

Back to the question. What now?

More of the same.

Repeal is the only answer.  Repeal because of the abortion/contraception mandates and repeal because of the devastating effect this has on everybody.

Lastly, I urge the Bishops to consider the real world results of top-down government run programs to fix social ills.  Besides the abortion aspects, the Bishops were supportive of this scheme.  Even without the coverage mandates, this law would have devastated lives which is fairly obvious now.

The Bishops, the faithful, and all sensible Americans should put all their efforts into repeal. Not just the contraception manadate, the whole law.  Repeal the whole thing. It is the only answer.