There is no question Planned Parenthood is a death chamber for the unborn, but it is just as dangerous for young people as I discovered while browsing their website. I literally had to insert my night guard as I began to grind my teeth out of disgust and anger. I strongly recommend if you are a fellow grinder, you get your guard out before continuing.

It is disturbing they have a dedicated section for “teens” being ready for sex. Here is an excerpt from the site, and when reading it, picture in your mind a 13-year-old or even a 16-year-old for that matter.


How do I know when I’m ready?

“Only you can know the answer to that question. Deciding when to have sex for the first time is a big deal, and it can be a tough decision. It's really helpful to talk it out with someone you trust — a parent, a friend, a health care provider, or someone else who cares about you. Sex can be risky for your body — STDs and unintended pregnancy are no joke. But sex can also have emotional risks. Sex before you're ready for it, sex with someone you don't trust or respect (or who doesn't trust or respect you), or sex that doesn't feel good can lead to some really stressful feelings. And a healthy sex life shouldn't be stressful. We usually make better decisions when we think through all the good things and bad things. A great sex life is one that fits in with everything you're about, including:

  • your personal values, your school and career goals
  • the emotional and physical risks you're willing to take
  • if it's something you really want to door something your partner is pressuring you to do
  • what sort of relationship you want to have with the person you have sex with (and how well that matches the relationship they want with you)
  • whether family and friends will support your decision (and how important that is to you)
  • your feelings about who you are and what you're comfortable doing
  • whether you want to be in a committed relationship before you have sex.”


Planned Parenthood suggests teens talk to someone they trust about having sex, like parents, friends, health care providers or anyone else who cares about them. Given those choices, who do you think they will go to? They’ll talk to someone that will give them the answers they want to hear … their friends. And, since when should a teenager have a healthy sex life let alone a great one. Are your teeth grinding yet?   

It is unfortunate most parents don’t realize Planned Parenthood sanctions premarital sex as well as providing teens with tools for an active sex life and a means to avoid or fix the consequences. 

It is important teens have a general knowledge about sex; however, Planned Parenthood encourages it, regardless of age or what parents think. Teenagers are not mature enough to make informed decisions regarding sex, and Planned Parenthood counts on it. They make millions from birth control products, and if birth control fails there's the other major moneymaker ... abortion.  

They have to be stopped. 

Patti Smith is the Assistant Director of Rachel's Hope Healing Ministry