FDA's New Graphic Anti-Abortion Label

Have you heard?

The FDA has proposed using graphic, color images to warn consumers about the negative effects of abortion?

I wish.

Rather, this week the FDA unveiled 36 proposed warning labels for cigarette packages. Several of them depict graphic images showing the negative effects of smoking. For example, one shows a toe tag on a dead body. Another shows a man exhaling smoke through a hole in his neck.

The proposed images would cover half the cigarette package. They’re required under a law passed last year that was part of the Obama administration’s tobacco control plan that costs $250 million.

“We want to not only support the new FDA regulatory authority but reinvigorate the national commitment to ending the tobacco epidemic,” said Dr. Howard Koh, the assistant secretary for health.

I have a suggestion.

Perhaps the FDA could create similar graphic campaigns for other things which are not so good for us.

For example, images of cancer could be placed on packages of contraceptives. Images of totaled cars could be placed on bottles of alcohol. And images of aborted babies could be placed on the doors of Planned Parenthood and every other abortion business, in an effort to remind customers of the dangers associated with oral contraceptives, alcohol-use, and abortion.

It’s just a thought. If it works with cigarettes, perhaps it would work elsewhere.