Catholics in New Media: Catholic Quiz

Catholic Quiz is the name. Games are the game. (‘s the domain.) And not just fun games, but educational and Catholic ones. And they’re all online.

Their mission: To provide online interactive learning games and quizzes that promote Catholic education for Catholic children and learners of all ages.

More from their website: has the depth, breadth and balance of content to be an ideal learning companion that captivates interest, creates curiosity and advances faith knowledge.

  * A dozen games to choose
  * Play alone, with a partner or in teams
  * 10 Knowledge Categories with Micro-themes
  * 4 challenge levels
  * Personal, Family and Classroom Scorekeeping systems

Sooooo, I’ve been playing games this morning. From what I can tell, it’s a very well done resource. They have a free game called “The Saints are Coming” about the lives of the saints you can go play right now. They have lots of other games, too, that look helpful covering scripture, catechism, music, sacraments and competitions. The games accommodate different age groups and abilities by giving you control over difficulty level.  It keeps score, manages a friendly competition, gives you a grade, keeps time, etc. seems like a great resource for just about every parent to have for their kids. I think we adults would also find it very helpful, to be quite honest!  Apart from being a great resource for the home, I could also see it used effectively for youth group meetings and CCD classes to complement the teaching material and add some multimedia pizazz to the classroom and better engage the students. Kids always love some good old-fashioned competition, anyway. This will teach them some important stuff in the process.

They also offer material en Espanol (which I was very happy to see). But since my Espanol es muy mal I can’t tell you much about it. Lo siento. Yo tengo un gato y un perro. Ellos no pueden hablar espanol tambien.

Another worthwhile point is that has a Nihil Obstat and an Imprimatur for most of their content (I think they are in process of getting the rest of the content covered also). Always important for any educational Catholic resource.

The site is well done. The interface is easy and quick. The content seems solid. The price is very reasonable. Check it out at

What do you think?  Any other comparable resources out there? Would love any feedback.

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