I love football and I love football players who love football enough to respect the game. There are two kinds of star players in the game. There is the back who, after scoring a critical touchdown, simply hands the ball to the referee and gets on with the game. He did what he needed to do, that is his job, and now it is time to get on with the game. Then there is the other kind. Ya know, the kind of player who spikes the ball, does some kind of weird shuffle dance, and then proceeds to jump into the stands. For the latter player, it is not about the game and it is not just getting the job done—it’s all about him.

Guess which one of these players occupies the White House? Yeah…

The evidence abounds. It all started Sunday night with the announcement. There were more personal pronouns fired off in that speech than bullets in that Pakastani compound. Then began the shuffle dance. Obama ran around the Lincoln bedroom in search of his barely-used flag pin so that he could wear it for an impromptu victory lap at the site of the World Trade Center which is, of course, right next to the place where he wanted to conduct the trial of that hairy guy who was also responsible for knocking those towers down.

Now, Obama administration Secretaries and staffers are running around to every news camera they can find calling Obama’s decision to go after Osama “the gutsiest call ever.” Someone has even registered the Internet domain name and directed it to the website.

And they are worried that releasing the death photo would be unseemly?

Speaking of the pictures, President Obama now refuses to release the death photo because that would seem like “spiking the football.” Umm, that horse has left the barn Mr. President. Further, that picture belongs to us, not you. I don’t even want to see the picture, but the idea that you think you know what is best for me gets my Irish up. If I want to be condescended to, I will vacation in France, thank you very much.

A few things Mr. President. Giving the go order for taking down the most reviled mass murderer in the world from the comfort of a conference room in the White House is not a “gutsy call.” It is as close to a no-brainer as you get in the Oval Office. Further, protecting Americans from monsters like bin Laden is your job. You should have treated it as such. Running around the end zone and jumping into the crowd is unbecoming of a man in your position.

When you are doing your job, especially when your job entails putting men in harm’s way and taking lives, such behavior denotes a narcissistic personality disorder that makes Donald Trump seem humble in comparison.

We all have our jobs Mr. President. Yours is to protect this country from monsters, and ours is to pay taxes so that you can spend them on things we don’t want and can’t afford. Neither one of us need to brag about it. Let’s just do our jobs and get on with business.