Big Abortion Isn't Having the Recession They Hoped For

Awww! The poor things at Big Abortion seemed so thrilled the economy had taken a turn for the worse. According to the media, abortion clinics seemed thrilled to predict while many industries suffered from bleak economic indicator s, the abortion industry was riding high predicting that the recession would be a boom time for Big Abortion. But, let’s just say they’re not having the great recession they were hoping for.

In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie reacted to the recession by rightly saying that the state is “broke” and can’t afford to fund abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood as it has in the past.

Atlantic City Press reports:

Legislative Democrats restored budget cuts of $7.5 million, but Republican Gov. Chris Christie vetoed the spending Friday afternoon. Unless Democratic lawmakers succeed in leading a vote to override the governor’s veto, funding for the centers will run out.

While the cuts will affect 58 centers statewide, Cumberland County, with high rates of teen pregnancy and unemployment, is likely to lose two of its three health centers, in Millville and Bridgeton, both run by provider FamCare, Inc.

Atlantic City’s branch of Planned Parenthood would face service cuts, possibly closing its doors three days a week.

This is interesting because Christie doesn’t seem to be a culture warrior. But he has pulled funding from abortion clinics in the name of fiscal responsibility due to the very same recession which was supposed to enrich Planned Parenthood and its minions.

You’d have to imagine that many in the abortion industry are now attempting to put the corks back in their champagne bottles. This kind of thing has to hurt the feelings of Big Abortion acolytes terribly because when the recession started, their hopes were so sky high that the abortion industry was recession proof. And the poor mainstream media must be devestated as well after passing along predictions from their fellow travelers in Big Abortion so eagerly.

MSNBC seemed so excited by the prospect of an increase in abortions they wrote a story headlined “Shaky economy means ‘bye-bye baby’ for some.” But MSNBC was not alone. The widely held belief among media types was that when families become economically uncertain they might opt to spring for an abortion instead of feeding and caring for a baby who’ll grow up and need clothes and an education.

Bonnie Erbe of US News and World Report wrote:

The recession is driving American demand for contraception. And for abortions. The media have been rife this past week with stories about the rising number of couples and single mothers doing the math and deciding this is no time to bring a child into the world—not when the economy is depressed, jobs are scarce, and family incomes are dropping.

The media have also been rife with stories portraying this trend as something of a tragedy. Let me propose a counter view: It is not.

For these stories, there were rarely any hard facts, just the word of a representative of Big Abortion saying ‘trust us.’ The media didn’t seem to question their word at all.

Not only did the media say abortion was recession proof, they predicted the numbers would increase greatly. They were expecting to be up their knees in medical waste bags waiting for garbage pickup. But recently, the state of Minnesota reported a drop in abortions in 2009, according to the Associated Press. In fact, the number of abortions dropped to their lowest level since the mid 1970’s. reports that the state of Michigan has seen a decline in abortions of almost 14% in the past year. And few states have been hit harder by the economy than Michigan.

Lori Lamerand, President of Planned Parenthood of Southeast Michigan, said:

“It could be the impact of the economy in some ways,” Lamerand says. “I think families are being more careful and really sure that they have the resources and are doing what they need to do to manage their families.”

Lamerand says the question remains whether there were fewer unplanned pregnancies. She says if that’s the case, Planned Parenthood is pleased that women were more were proactive in preventing pregnancy.

Does that mean she wouldn’t be as pleased if there were simply more births?

And then as if the recession weren’t going poorly enough for them, just when Big Abortion thought it was about to receive a windfall in federal funding from the new healthcare plan, pro-lifers led by the NRLC kicked up enough notice that the Obama administration was forced to slink away from abortion funding -at least for a while.

I know that many are now saying that abortion was never going to be funded but reported:

The non-partisan fact-checking site has vindicated the National Right to Life Committee’s (NRLC) claim that federal monies were on the brink of funding abortions in state high-risk insurance pools before the matter was exposed by NRLC, prompting the Obama administration to retroactively enforce Hyde-amendment restrictions.

The controversy erupted a week and a half ago, when NRLC revealed that abortions would be funded under a $160 million Pennsylvania program, a fact that contradicted the repeated assurances of President Obama and pro-life Democrats that abortions would not be funded under the federal health care law. The pro-life organization also unearthed similar funding problems in New Mexico and Maryland.

And then you throw in for good measure the undercover videos produced by Lila Rose’s Live Action Films which have been used to defund Planned Parenthood in Orange County and hopefully many other cities and states to come.

It seems that Big Abortion isn’t having quite the recession they were hoping for. Poor things. And with the 2010 elections approaching and much talk going to out-of-control government spending which includes funding Planned Parenthood and other members of Big Abortion, I think we should all be ready for a Governor Christie like defunding of Planned Parenthood under the banner of fiscal responsibility, uniting fiscal conservatives and social conservatives in a way not many predicted at the start of the recession.

Let’s hope Big Abortion’s woes continue and let’s all do everything we can to ensure it.