The Wildly Beautiful Conversion of John Edwards, Purgatory is Real, and More!

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Church (Photo: Peter H.)

The Wildly Beautiful Conversion of John Edwards – Matthew Leonard +1

Purgatory is for Real: Off the Shelf with Karlo Broussard – Pete Socks at Catholic Stand +1

Top 10 Saint Quotes on Redemptive Suffering for Comfort During Tough Times – Scott Smith, J.D., at All Roads Lead To Rome

Want More Great Catholic News Links?  Click Here! - Tito Edwards at Big Pulpit

The Coming Covid-19 Vaccine—Dr. Theresa Deisher – Patrick Coffin at Catholic Stand

Alec Guiness’ Conversion Story Shows How Far We’ve Come – Matthew Archbold at Creative Minority Report

Chastity: What It Is, Why We Need It, How to Obtain It – Fr. Joseph Gill at Ignitum Today

The Devil Came to Mass this Weekend – Edward J. Barr, J.D., at Roma Locuta Est

Prayer for Enemies – Fr. Z’s Blog

When Members of Your Catholic Family are Gay, What Do You Do? It Depends – Fr. Allan J. McDonald at Southern Orders

Loyalty & Localism – Jacob Imam at The Catholic Gentleman

Lay Ministries Obscure Both the Laity’s Calling & the Clergy’s – Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D. at New Liturgical Movement

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The Conversion Story of C.S. Lewis

Despite Lewis’ prominence in Christian apologetics, he was not always a follower of Christ

The Shroud of Turin and the Black Death

In the 1300s, the Holy Face of Jesus inspired those who endured the Plague to look for hope in the light of Resurrection faith.