‘Bella’ Star Backs McCain

Eduardo Verastegui
Eduardo Verastegui (photo: Photolink)

Actor Eduardo Verastegui, star of the pro-life movie Bella, campaigned this week for John McCain in Denver.

The Mexican-born Verastegui says the Latino community should back McCain, primarily because of Barack Obama’s pro-abortion stand.

“More than 200,000 Latino babies have been killed every year in this country,” the Catholic actor told the Denver Daily News. “The life issue, for me, is very important.”

Verastegui told the newspaper the majority of Latino people are strongly religious and opposed to abortion. And he also argued that McCain has a better understanding of immigration issues than Obama.

Below is an excerpt of a video Verastegui has released in Spanish, subtitled in English, that discusses abortion and Obama’s position on the issue. The complete video, which was removed from YouTube last month, can be found at durarealidad.com/?ds=1.

WARNING: The complete version of Verastegui’s video contains graphic depictions of actual abortions.

— Tom McFeely