Despite the rumors in social media, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is doing very well and did not suffer a mild stroke, according to the Holy See Press Office. The reports first appeared on Twitter Monday afternoon, leaving many Catholics offering prayers for the 92-year-old pope emeritus. 

In a statement to the Register, the Holy See Press Office said the rumors circling about Benedict XVI are “false.” Archbishop Georg Gänswein, personal secretary of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and prefect of the Papal Household, also told the Register’s Rome correspondent, Edward Pentin, that “the rumors are fake news.” 

Earlier this month, during a papal news conference on the way back from Romania, Pope Francis spoke affectionately about Benedict XVI, saying at each visit he feels more like family: “Every time I go to visit him I feel like that.”

About Benedict’s health, Pope Francis said, “I take his hand and get him to talk. He speaks little, slowly, but with the same depth, as always — because Benedict’s problem is his knees, not his head.” 

He added, “He has a great lucidity, as always.” 

We keep the pope emeritus in our prayers and wish him good health, too.