All Mass Murderers Are Not Created Equal

In the wake of the mass murder of seven babies by a Philadelphia abortionist I have to ask where’s the Presidential press conference? Where’s the nationally televised memorial? Where are the t-shirts with the catchy slogan? Where’s the media blame game? Where’s the feature pieces in national magazines on the societal implications of the murders?

Seriously. I’m wondering why isn’t the murder of seven babies of similar national implications to the horrible murders in Tuscon?

There are currently 15,000 mentions of Jared Loughner in the news recently, according to Google. But as of Sunday night there are less than 1,400 mentions of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. That’s 10 percent. Truly, silence is the deadliest bias.

Shortly after the Tuscon murders journalists, talking heads, and several politicians wasted no time chatting up the far flung societal implications of the tragedy in Arizona mainly focusing the blame for the murders on the “violent” rhetoric of the right wing. But isn’t it a heck of a lot shorter logical leap to suggest that strong pro-abortion rhetoric contributed to an atmosphere that made the violence perpetrated by Gosnell a possibility? Seriously, does 30 years of calling babies “blobs of tissue” have no effect on the culture?

Journalists picked out several politicians to blame for the Tuscon tragedy. Well, in Philadelphia we have the government on every level turning a blind eye to Gosnell’s practice despite several incidents that should have raised a red flag. But the government did nothing. Isn’t that a story? Isn’t that worth investigating?The angle that Gosnell’s industry is government sponsored and government protected hasn’t seemed to raise the interest of anyone.

And nobody seems to be asking whether Gosnell is truly an anomaly. Nobody’s asking whether similar incidents are happening all around the country while the government entrusted with overseeing abortion clinics turns a blind eye.

And if President Obama was mostly concerned with bringing the country together, there is no more culturally divisive issue than the killing of babies.

So why are so many ignoring the issue? The problem is that many don’t really think Gosnell is a monster. If he did the same thing five minutes earlier they’d have no problem. If the baby was still in the womb rather than on a blood stained operating table it would be labeled a medical procedure rather than murder. For them it’s not a morality issue, it’s a geography one.

Jared Loughner did a horrible thing in the name of nothing. Gosnell did a horrible thing in the name of choice. Methods aside - they endorse it.

Truth is, we have much more to fear from the Kermit Gosnells of the world than we do from the Jared Loughners.