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The community, composed of both men and women, pray the Liturgy of the Hours and follow a rule influenced by St. Benedict and St. Basil the Great. Members include Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Christians.
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Bishop Estevez notes that no death row inmate in Florida has been granted clemency since 1983, and with 350 death row inmates, Florida has the largest active death row in the United States.
Fr. Roger Landry
COMMENTARY: As the world endures the worst global sickness in a century and millions are enduring truly difficult times, those words take on added meaning.
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In a January 9, 2018 decision, the Inter-American Court on Human Rights ruled that Costa Rica must legalize gay marriage.
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The death rates at nursing homes were particularly high in the Northeast.
Paul Kengor
COMMENTARY: No doubt, one can hope for the Lord’s mercy for Rolf Hochhuth, and for Pius XII’s prayers.
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The order also states that “singing is permitted, but not recommended,” and that only the person leading the service or a choir may sing.
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Following his initial leukemia diagnosis, the bishop stepped down from his role as chair of the U.S. bishops’ new Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism, as well as his role as chair of the conference’s Committee on Catholic Education.
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“Prayer,” Pope Francis said, “cultivates flowerbeds of rebirth in places where man’s hatred has only been able to enlarge the desert.”
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A press release from the Knights of Columbus May 27 said the miracle recognized by Pope Francis involved an unborn child in the United States who was healed in utero of a life-threatening condition in 2015 after his family prayed to Fr. McGivney.
Carrie Severino
COMMENTARY: His story provides an important lesson on the virtues of humility and fortitude, which seem to be in short supply in Washington these days.
Susan Klemond
Military chaplain-priest explains the blessing of bringing the Eucharist to remote bases.
Peter Jesserer Smith
The Pius XII Council 5295 is one of a number of councils being recognized for its example in how to keep parishes and communities connected.