Vatican Secret Archives

August 10, 2012

Benedict XVI Dreamed of Becoming Vatican's Librarian

July 11, 2012

Holocaust Memorial Alters Wording on the Wartime Role of Pope Pius XII

Current scholarship contends that the Pope did exert his influence to save Jewish people from the ‘Final Solution.’

May 6, 2012

Rome Exhibit Reveals Vatican Secret Archives

May 6 issue feature on rare look at Church history.

March 3, 2012

Vatican Secret Archives Revealed

Historic letters to and from popes are on display in new museum exhibit in Rome.

March 2, 2012

Third and Final Day in Rome

March 2, 2012

Italian Food, Art and the Vatican Secret Archives

July 5, 2011

Museum Will Exhibit Vatican's Secret Archives

Historic papal documents will leave the Holy See for the first time in 2012.