Stem Cells

October 16, 2012

A Triumph for Ethical Stem-Cell Research

The Nobel Prize in Medicine has been awarded to Shinya Yamanaka, a pioneer in ethical stem-cell research, who said in 2007, ‘We can’t keep destroying embryos for our research. There must be another way.’

May 29, 2012

FDA-Approved Fetal Stem-Cell Treatment for Eye Disease Being Tested for Spinal Injuries

Company calls them ‘tissue-derived adult stem cells,’ but human fetuses are the source.

November 30, 2011

Adult Stem-Cell Therapies Are the Future, Scientist Says

Holy See gathers bioethics experts from around the world. Dec. 4 issue story.

November 21, 2011

How to Solve Moral Dilemmas (Plus: How to Recognize Hypocrisy)

November 8, 2011

Tommy Thompson Urges President to Create Commission to Support Adult Stem-Cell Research

Former U.S. Health and Human Services secretary is in Rome for a conference on adult stem cells organized by Vatican's Pontifical Council for Culture and the U.S.-based Stem for Life Foundation.

July 4, 2011

Stem Cells Cure for AIDS?

Success fighting the dreaded virus — and another that helps get a New York Yankee back in the lineup. So why no media attention?