September 24, 2014

SDG Reviews ‘The Boxtrolls’

The latest work of stop-motion creepiness from the makers of Coraline and ParaNorman is an unpleasant slog embracing the worst clichés of contemporary family films.

December 21, 2012

Lost Fathers, Lost Children

June 16, 2012

2 Births of Fatherhood

June 17 issue column

December 27, 2011

The Mystery of Charity, The Weak Eye, The Anglican Ordinariate, A Royal Spanish Failure, and more!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

November 4, 2011

Importance of Family Dinner, Wow: Mass set to Mozart's Requiem, Beauty, and much more!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

September 28, 2011

What You Won't See On-Screen in "Courageous"

Inspirational Film Opens Friday

September 12, 2011

6 Tips for Surviving the First Years of Parenthood

August 27, 2011

Faith-based Movie Premieres in Atlanta

"Courageous" is Latest Effort of Sherwood Pictures

June 20, 2011

Why Dads Matter

Father's Day may be over, but fatherhood (biological and spiritual) is important all year long.

June 22, 2010

President Obama Wishes *You* a Happy Homosexual Fathers' Day!

June 20, 2010

Dads, Be Like St. Joseph

Father’s Day Feature

March 19, 2009

Benedict the Father

November 14, 2008

Barack and Baby Daddies