August 27, 2014

Chilean Lawmakers Urge President to Denounce Iraqi Violence

Congressman Felipe De Mussy said, although ‘we may be hundreds of kilometers away, we have to take this on and clearly, firmly reject it.’

June 11, 2013

Chile Proposes Financial Incentives for Childbearing

President Sebastian Pinera of Chile proposed a financial incentive to couples who have three or more children.

May 22, 2012

New Study Rejects Claim That Where Abortion Is Illegal, Maternal Mortality Is High

Chile, where abortion is against the law, has the second-lowest rate in North and South America.

October 10, 2011

Family and Marriage on Trial

Chilean human-rights case involving lesbian relationship could have far-reaching effect.

May 5, 2011

From Atheist to Catholic, Exposition of Blessed Sacrament, Catholicism is Not an Ideology, + more!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

October 26, 2010

'I Seized the Hand of God'

Only one thing could possibly have kept the hope of 33 Chilean miners alive.

October 14, 2010

God Wins!

March 2, 2010

Massive Earthquake Rocks Chile

Bishops Report Severe Damage to Church Structures