Catholic Education

August 29, 2014

Finding God on the Quad

COMMENTARY: Benedict XVI’s Vision for Catholic Higher Education

August 30, 2014

Register Radio - Common Core and St. Mary Magdalen College President George Harne

July 18, 2014

Another Questionable Commencement Speaker at Notre Dame

June 4, 2014

Catholic Schools Stand Strong Against Criticism of Teacher Contracts

Oakland, Calif., and Cincinnati have introduced new language in their 2014-2015 contracts, strengthening their commitment to protecting Catholic identity in their schools.

May 30, 2014

Bishops’ Statement on Common Core Puts Catholic Identity First


May 16, 2014

The Columbia Tales: An Old World Pilgrimage Thrives in D.C.

For the past seven years, two private Catholic schools have taken a journey with Our Lady Most Pure around the nation’s capital.

February 6, 2014

Register Radio: Catholic Schools/The Common Core

September 12, 2013

Common Core Commotion: Is New Curriculum Catholic-School Friendly?

Catholics remain divided over the new nation-wide school standards.

August 29, 2013

Catholic Schools Respond to the Charter School Challenge

The rise of charter schools has siphoned students from Catholic schools in some parts of the country.

August 14, 2013

Catholic Education Success Story

St. John the Evangelist School in Tucson, Ariz., refocuses its mission and flourishes.

June 17, 2013

Human Dignity Central to Education, CDF Chief Tells Glasgow Gathering

Archbishop Gerhard Müller, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, addressed the inaugural gathering of the St. Andrew’s Foundation for Catholic Education June 16.

May 23, 2013

New Education Program Puts Nuns in Online Classroom

Cloistered sisters now can obtain a classical education through the Institute of Catholic Culture’s Magdala Apostolate.

March 7, 2013

Putting "Catholic" Back Into Education

February 25, 2013

Teaching Science and Faith in Harmony

The Steno Learning Program in Faith and Science offers seminar for Catholic high-school science and religion teachers.

February 19, 2013

Pope Benedict Noted for Linking Education With Love of God

Catholic university scholars laud the Holy Father for his lifelong commitment to integrate the faith with education.

February 8, 2013

New York’s Catholic Schools Get New Lease on Life

After a final round of closures, the Archdiocese of New York is replacing parish-based schools with a new model of governance and financing.

February 1, 2013

Philly Catholic Schools Get the ‘Miracle of Memphis'

Building on the model that revitalized Memphis, Tenn., schools, a group of Catholic investors is taking over 16 elementary schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

November 29, 2012

New York Archdiocese Could Close 26 Schools

More than 5,000 of the 50,000 students in local Catholic schools could be affected.

September 26, 2012

Lou Holtz on Marriage, His Catholic Faith and Notre Dame

Register In Person interview with the Hall of Fame coach.

August 23, 2012

Catholic Girls’ Clubs Are in Bloom Nationwide

You don’t need to sell cookies — and be indoctrinated into the worst of today’s culture — to enjoy scouting.

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