November 9, 2012

Is the Bible Pro-Choice?

November 8, 2012

Does God Expect Women to Marry Their Rapists?

October 29, 2012

Does God Approve of Rape? (Dark Passages)

October 23, 2012

Did Matthew *Invent* A Prophecy About Jesus?

October 19, 2012

Did the Gospel Writers Feel Free to Make Stuff Up?

October 17, 2012

If the Number of the Beast is 666, what is the Number of Jesus?

October 3, 2012

Revelation: Solving the mystery of the Nicolaitans

September 29, 2012

The final, crushing, humiliating, DEATH-BLOW to that "miracle of sharing" nonsense

September 26, 2012

Did the Authors of the New Testament Know They Were Writing Scripture?

September 20, 2012

Explaining Away the Greatest Miracle of Jesus' Ministry

September 13, 2012

Dark Passages: The Principle of Voice

September 12, 2012

Pope Benedict on the "Dark Passages" of Scripture

September 8, 2012

Sola Scriptura & the Bereans

July 27, 2012

Summer (Catholic) Reading

Saturday Book Pick: the Ratzingers at home, faith at the office, Bible basics.

July 4, 2012

Why Are There Unicorns in the Bible?

June 24, 2012

"To Be Absent from the Body Is to be Present with the Lord"?

June 13, 2012

Christians Help Israel's Poor by Practicing the Biblical Mandate of Gleaning

Pilgrims get to know the land where Christ walked — and help provide meals.

May 26, 2012

Mary and the Christian

Saturday Book Pick: Father Stravinskas’ meditations on the Blessed Mother.

May 6, 2012

Should Christians Be Vegetarians? (Video)

April 30, 2012

How to Respond to Dan Savage on Homosexuality and the Bible?

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