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Culture of Life

Prolife Victories

BY John Lilly

May 7-13, 2006 Issue | Posted 5/8/06 at 10:00 AM


The Knowledge Factor

REAL WOMEN’S VOICES, April 25 — A new poll sponsored by the coalition of grassroots organizations reveals an immense opportunity for the pro-life movement to gain ground by simply informing people about the true nature of America’s abortion regime.

The poll, released at the National Press Club, shows that only 29% of the sample accurately understood that the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision made abortion legal in essentially all circumstances throughout pregnancy.

Half falsely believed that the ruling legalized abortion only in early pregnancy or in limited circumstances.

When you combine that with the same poll’s finding that three-quarters of Americans agree that abortion should not be legal or at least severely restricted, you have the basis for new and vastly greater protections for the unborn.

Roe is … increasingly being frayed by the American people’s exposure to the facts of abortion,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List, a coalition member.

Profs’ Protest Propels Progress

AGAPE PRESS, April 21 — David Kupelian, the author of a controversial book that outlines how immorality and perversion are packaged and sold to the American people, especially the young, is thanking professors at Ohio State University’s Mansfield campus for publicizing the book.

Faculty at OSU-Mansfield voted to have the school launch a formal investigation into the actions of devout Quaker librarian Scott Savage, claiming that he may be guilty of sexual harassment for including The Marketing of Evil among four books that he recommended to incoming freshmen.

While the charges against Savage seem to have been dropped, sales of Kupelian’s year-old book have “skyrocketed,” says the author, who gives credit to the controversy.         

“Right now it’s [number] 30 or 40 on — and it’s been the No. 1 current events book for the last three or four days,” he said.

Florida Grandmother a Factor

THE ORLANDO SENTINEL, April 20 — Donna Davis, a grieving Florida grandmother, is leading an effort to change Florida law to make sure unborn children are protected from acts of violence throughout pregnancy.

Davis’s daughter, Laura Ann, was strangled in her home in January, an event that killed both her and her unborn son.

Florida currently does not recognize an unborn child as a victim of a violent crime until it is considered viable. Davis is leading a petition drive and has contacted almost 100 state legislators to urge them to change state law to protect pregnant women and their babies throughout pregnancy.