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A Happy Wife is a De-Stressed Worker

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BY The Editors

February 10-16, 2008 Issue | Posted 2/5/08 at 2:31 PM


Funny how men and women respond differently to the same situation. The differences are now so well documented, and so predictive of certain behaviors on either side of the male-female divide, it’s almost as if God created the sexes separate but equal for a reason. Latest case in point: A new study at UCLA, published in the January issue of Health Psychology, shows that coming home to a loving spouse and a good marriage helps working women decompress from stress — while working men deal with stress in a predictable pattern no matter what the state of their marital union. Some will doubtless construe this report as clear evidence for the “Sensitive Woman/Clueless Man” construct. But surely there is some relational or societal benefit to Hubby’s innate obtuseness vis a vis workplace stress and marital happiness. (Complementarity, anyone?) It’s just yet to be described by science. Stay tuned. Kevin Bedan illustration