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Prolife Victories

BY John Lilly

June 18-24, 2006 Issue | Posted 6/19/06 at 11:00 PM


Adult Cells for Continence

MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, May 22 — Doctors say they were able to cure urinary incontinence in the vast majority of patients who were treated with injections of their own stem cells, according to the Wisconsin daily.

The finding is the latest accomplishment in a promising — and morally sound — area of research: using adult stem cells derived from patients’ own tissue. In this case, they are being used to treat a troubling condition that affects more than 15 million Americans.

No Homosexual ‘Marriage’

NOTIVIDA, May 30 — The Spanish language news agency reports that the Supreme Court of Costa Rica has ruled “gay marriage” unconstitutional. The court ruled that the constitutional “concept of marriage” is understood to be “between a man and a woman.”

The suit was brought by an activist who argued that Catholic and generally pro-life Costa Rica must comply with international human-rights agreements that tend to support the notion of homosexual “marriage.”

The court rejected the argument that outside organizations can impose their pro-abortion and pro-homosexual standards. The court similarly ruled in 2000 that the practice of in vitro fertilization is unconstitutional.

Pro-Life Insurance

THE EVENING BULLETIN, June 7 — At least five health insurance companies in Switzerland give discounts to thousands of women who refuse abortions, in vitro fertilization, and prenatal diagnosis, reported the Philadelphia daily.

Under an agreement since 2004 with the pro-life association Swiss Aid for Mother and Child, the companies provide rate reductions of 10% to 40% to eligible women.

While the Popular Workers Party has pressed to ban the practice, federal authorities have so far refused to intervene.