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Dear Pro-Life Folks, Keep Bringing It

BY Sarah Reinhard

| Posted 11/2/13 at 10:24 PM


Abortion, popular culture says, is good for women. Pro-abortion groups believe this so firmly that they have organized actually “story-telling events” around the country:


On Monday, pro-abortion groups across the country launched an organized effort to feature women telling uplifting stories of their abortions. The so-called “1 in 3” week of action will feature 100 events in 32 states, and began in Washington D.C. According to the Advocates for Youth, one in three women in the United States will at some point have an abortion. Advocates from Washington D.C. who will lead off the event include Deb Hauser of the Advocates for Youth; Ilyse Hogue, NARAL Pro-Choice America; Andrea Gleaves, Women’s Information Network; and many more. The “1 in 3” organizers will also be handing out a book: 1 in 3: These Are Our Stories. Tellingly, organizers suggest that their goal is to keep abortion “safe, legal and affordable” — a marked change from the old pro-choice slogan from the Clinton years, “safe, legal and rare.” The organizers also want to “end the stigma” surrounding abortion.


This is wrong on many, many levels. But you don’t have to believe me. Tina Whittington, executive vice president for Students for Life America, told Catholic News Service,


“This campaign reinforces the political beliefs about the goodness of abortion without giving women a chance to be honest about how they feel about their abortion or their lost child,” said Tina Whittington, executive vice president for Students for Life of America.


The problem with “encouraging women to fit into this mold that says 'I am okay with my abortion and I feel no regrets,'” she told CNA on Oct. 30, is that “it takes away their rights to feel regret, loss or sadness.”


“This is part of the reason why it takes women so long to seek help” for counseling after an abortion, Whittington continued. Rather than dealing with the pain they experience, women feel pressured to “stand behind a message point.”


VirtueMedia is responding.



Mix-2-60-Pregnancyline from VirtueMedia on Vimeo.



According to VirtueMedia Founder and President Tom Peterson, “It has always been a priority for VirtueMedia to shed light in the darkness, by effectively responding to anti-life issues in our culture.”


Consider, if you will, the VirtueMedia ads that have broken ground in the pro-life movement on TV and radio in the past few years. How about the Norma ad, in which Jane Roe, of the well-known Supreme Court case that legalized abortion, describes her regret from participating in that trial and how she was used as a pawn to further the pro-abortion movement?



Mix-2-60-Pregnancyline from VirtueMedia on Vimeo.



Check out the incredible, inspired pro-life messages and campaigns with Alveda King for Silent No More and the Black Dignity campaign (which appeared nationally on BET).



Silent No More :60 from VirtueMedia on Vimeo.





They have also done the PregnancyLine ad series on MTV.


These ads have reached millions, helping save lives, educate minds, and change hearts.


To them I say, keep bringin’ it. We need it. BIG TIME.