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TV Picks 10.20.13

BY Michael Engler

Oct. 20-Nov. 2, 2013 Issue | Posted 10/14/13 at 2:19 PM


SUNDAY, Oct. 20, 5pm

Savoring Our Faith: Burgers

EWTN In preparing three different kinds of hamburgers, Father Leo Patalinghug finds spiritual lessons that will help the faithful reach their ultimate goal: heaven.

SUNDAY, Oct. 20, noon

Knute Rockne, All American

Turner Classic Movies As much a Catholic film as a sports film, this stirring 1940 portrait of Notre Dame’s legendary football coach is always worth watching, especially during football season. It stars Catholic actor Pat O’Brien and, as gridiron hero George Gipp, future pro-life President Ronald Reagan.

MONDAY, Oct. 21, 5:30pm

Ear of the Heart: An Actress’ Journey From Hollywood to Holy Vows

EWTN Actress Dolores Hart left Hollywood to wed the King of Kings as a nun. Now Mother Dolores Hart, she will discuss her autobiography, Ear of the Heart: An Actress’ Journey From Hollywood to Holy Vows, with host Doug Keck.


World Series (Game 1)

FOX SPORTS The American League and National League champs square off, with the National Leaguers seeking their fourth straight World Series win. Play ball!

FRIDAY, Oct. 25, 5pm

Ultimate Factories: The Assembly Line

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL One simple idea can change the world. A century ago, Henry Ford invented the moving assembly line, and the age of mass production went into high gear. His revolution changed society. (A re-airing.)

TUESDAY, Oct. 29, 8pm

Mother Angelica Live Classics: All Saints and Halloween

EWTN Halloween does not have to be morbid or devilish — in fact, Catholic families can make it part of the New Evangelization. Mother Angelica reveals the true meaning of Halloween to an audience that includes children costumed as Catholic saints.

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 30, 9pm

NOVA: Making Stuff Colder

PBS David Pogue shows how the amazing new science of cold and ultracold could save lives in hospitals, make levitating trains possible, revolutionize computers and more.

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 30, 11pm

Catholic View for Women: From Contraception to NFP

EWTN Hosts Teresa Tomeo, Janet Morana and Astrid Bennett Gutierrez explore the many blessings that natural family planning offers married couples.

FRIDAY, Nov. 1, Various

Saints Marathon and Mass

EWTN Tune in to movies and documentaries on Sts. Gianna, James, Joan of Arc, Louis de Montfort and Peter, plus soon-to-be saint John Paul II. Also watch the Solemnity of All Saints Mass with Pope Francis live from Rome.

Michael Engler writes from
Santa Barbara, California.