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Why did Mary remain a virgin after the birth of Jesus?

BY Jimmy Akin

| Posted 8/13/13 at 10:44 PM


Why did the Virgin Mary remain a virgin even after the birth of Jesus?

It is an interesting question, and it can be answered on both a divine and a human level.

In the video below, I explore both aspects of the question, showing why, on a human level, Mary would have chosen to remain a virgin and why, on a divine level, God would find it fitting to have his Son born of a woman who remained a virgin for her whole life.

In the process, I quote from a little-known document from the A.D. 100s that sheds some light on the question.

Was Mary originally planning an ordinary marriage with St. Joseph? If so, why did Jesus' birth change their plans?

Was she already a consecrated virgin? If so, how did she become one? And why was she getting married?

What light does Scripture shed on these questions?

And what, if anything, does this suggest about who the mysterious "brothers" of Jesus may have been?

More fundamentally, though, why would God want his Son to be born of a virgin? And why would it be fitting for her to remain one even afterwards?

Here are a few thoughts . . . 


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