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Staying Power

Publisher's Note

BY Michael Warsaw


June 16-29, 2013 Issue | Posted 6/13/13 at 12:53 PM


The second Fortnight for Freedom, June 21 to July 4, is no less important than the first. In fact, it’s arguably more vital to attend this year’s events in your diocese and promote it to other Catholics and people of good will.

The battle to protest the government’s unjust contraception-abortion mandate continues. It is set to go into effect Aug. 1 for most institutions, and EWTN is still right in the middle of it.

Back in March, Birmingham Judge Sharon Blackburn dismissed our lawsuit against the federal government. Now, we — and many others groups and organizations that are in similar straits — will have to wait for what the Obama administration might or might not do to address the serious issues of conscience that have been raised since the first set of rules were published more than a year ago.

In every lawsuit filed against the HHS mandate, the government has made promise after promise, with nothing fruitful to show for it.

But let’s not sit idly by.

Let us, as Catholics who are also Americans, continue to oppose the tyranny of relativism that has gripped our lawmakers’ minds. Let us continue to support our bishops, who continue to stand for the disenfranchised people of faith whose religious freedom is threatened.

And let us continue to pray — the "EWTN Novena for Religious Freedom" ( is a good place to start — that we will persevere through this trial and uphold the truth of the Gospel in our nation today and for generations to come.

God bless you!