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I Love My Chapel Veil, What Happened to Popular Devotions and Piety, The War On Women, and More!

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| Posted 10/11/12 at 3:00 PM


I Love My Chapel Veil – Katy Holland, Fide Et Literis

What Happened to Popular Devotions and Piety? A Cardinal Opines – Fr. Z’s Blog

The War on Women by Marc Barnes of Bad Catholic – Big ulpit

Pope Benedict XVI: Being Tepid is the Greatest Danger for Christians – Cindy Wooden, Catholic Herald

Why Have A Guild? – Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma

Latin Mass Society Pilgrimage to Oxford, October 20th – John Whitehead, Once I Was A Clever Boy

In the Footsteps of Saint Bridget, New Traditional Pilgrimage in Sweden – New Catholic, Rorate Cæli

Russia Defends Traditional Values – Bonchamps, The American Catholic

Confronting Claim of Eastern Orthodoxy to be the True Church – James Likoudis, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Psalm for the Conversion of Heretics and Schismatics! – Kate Edwards, Australia Incognita

David J. Hughes: Organist, Composer, Conductor – Arlene Oost-Zinner, The Chant Café

UK Ordinariate Celebrates Newman with Choral Evensong and Benediction – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

How to Argue Against Euthanasia – Erin Karlovich, Ignitum Today

Burial in Ancient Israel: Ossuaries – Thomas L. McDonald, Patheos/God and the Machine

“Gaudet Mater Ecclesia,” 50 Years On – Rocco Palmo, Whispers in the Loggia

Awakening America – Brad Miner, The Catholic Thing

New Ad Shows How Planned Parenthood Destroyed the Black Family – Ryan Bomberger, LifeSiteNews

Failure to Communicate – Phillip Rolfes, The Master Beadsman

Pod Tvoju Milost – St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church, Barberton OH

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