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I am a recent graduate of a small Catholic university. I am committed to glorifying God and evangelizing. The problem is that I can’t find any good jobs in the Church. Most positions I find don’t meet my financial needs, and there are very few openings in the first place. I don’t want to waste my time in a secular company because I feel called to spread the Gospel. Do you know of any apostolates with openings?

BY Dave Durand

September 9-22, 2012 Issue | Posted 8/31/12 at 10:41 AM


There are many Catholic outreaches and apostolates with positions, but I am going to take a different angle in answering your question. You presented your dilemma as though being in a secular company is somehow a limitation to spreading the Gospel. It very well may be that God is calling you to work directly in the Church, but I invite you to consider an alternative.

The term secular means "pertaining to worldly things rather than spiritual." Just by definition people often dismiss secular jobs as "less than" directly Catholic jobs, but that is an unfortunate perception.

In addition to my corporate work, I also work with a well-known Catholic apostolate whose mission is to evangelize by sharing talks given by well-known Catholic speakers. These talks are purchased via CDs or downloads. If they are purchased as a CD, they are delivered via the mail or picked up at a kiosk. Without the manufacturers and businesses that make the CDs, build kiosks and deliver the product, the evangelization can’t be done. That does not even include the people who manufacture the vehicles which deliver the CDs, let alone the literal thousand other companies who work together to make the production and delivery of a single CD possible. The body of Christ is bigger than most of us acknowledge.

The secular world is a mission field, and, with few exceptions, it is not a waste of time. You might find a job in a secular company that produces a product that the Church needs to advance her cause. In a secular job, you may end up working beside someone who is seeking the truth — and you just may be the one called to share it.

God calls us all to be holy and to evangelize, not just those who work directly in the Church.

Most of us will become holy though ordinary lives as accountants, salespeople, teachers, etc.

The making of a saint can be witnessed more by how he goes about his work rather than what he does.

Catholics should stand out in the workforce because we are fortified by the sacraments. Yes, we should stand out, not as the smartest or most talented person in the room, but as the person who exudes the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We should stand out as examples of virtue.

Evangelizing is not always about what we say; it’s about how we interact and reflect. One act of humility in the workplace can be as powerful as 100 sermons.

The Bible tells us to put on the armor of Christ. Could God be calling you to wear his armor in the secular world? Sounds like a worthy discussion to have with a spiritual director.

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