National Catholic Register


Using Tech Wisely

BY Michael Warsaw


July 29-August 11, 2012 Issue | Posted 7/23/12 at 8:59 AM


The Church has always utilized the latest advances in technology — from wireless radio to the Internet — to spread the Good News.
Pope Benedict XVI continues that effort. He has encouraged Catholics to bring Christ to others via the new media. But the Holy Father also warned that, unmoderated, new media and the latest computer technology can bring consequences that endanger our eternal souls — such as the degradation of personal relationships in favor of “virtual” ones. A byproduct of that is the insidious prevalence of Internet pornography and inappropriate content.
In this issue, our Culture of Life feature “Choose Face Time Over Screen Time” encourages us to avoid the technology trap in favor of cultivating personal relationships. And on page 2 (“Guarding Young Eyes”), we examine a new technology that helps families guard against improper Internet content.
May God grant you and your families wisdom as you navigate the challenges found in the enriching sphere of today’s communications technology.
God bless you!