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Obama's Political Calculation (and NEW VIDEO on HHS Mandate)

BY Matthew Warner

| Posted 3/9/12 at 11:35 AM


The Obama Administration is making a political calculation. 98% of women (even Catholic women) have used contraception. So they think it was a brilliant move (as a way to progress their regressive agenda) to mandate that Catholic organizations (actually almost all organizations and businesses, not just Catholic) provide contraception (and sterilizations and abortifacients) to their employees.

They thought, this will rile up those “cooky, extremist” folks who are against contraception and remind everyone else how extremely crazy they are — therefore marginalizing them. In the meantime, everyone else will be excited to get free contraception and “better health care” for women.

What it revealed is how flippantly and inconsequential Obama and his supporters view your religious freedom.

It also revealed Obama’s lack of understanding of the Catholic Church. His Catholic counsel is one that views the bishops as insignificant. And one that desperately wants to believe in a democratic magisterium of the uncatechized (non-mass-attending) masses.

Well this year, he’s going to get a lesson in reality. And his politically calculated provocation is going to backfire on him as he’s created an amazing opportunity for Catholics and non-Catholics alike to learn what the Church teaches on issues like contraception and the necessity and role of our bishops. More profoundly, it’s becoming a lesson for all Americans in religious liberty…which is exactly what this issue is really about.

Here’s a great new video from Fr. Pontifex and Spirit Juice Studios using a little spoken word to drive home the point. This is but a taste of what is to come in this pivotal election year: