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| Posted 2/17/12 at 2:01 AM


B16: Big Families a Witness to Faith, Source of Wealth & Hope to Nation - Kathleen Gilbert,

Can This Be the Catholic Moment in the Arts? - Daniel McInerny, High Concepts

Forgiveness Leads To Love - Godwin Delali Adadzie, Ignitum Today

Share the Love of Chant this Lent - Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

You Can Look It Up, A Dictionary for Philosophers - Joseph R. Wood, The Catholic Thing

Photo of Pope Pius XI, Consistory - Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Newly Designed Ring for Cardinal-designate Dolan - Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace

Santorum: A Brave Heart Needed For What Is Coming His Way - The Ordinary Catholic, Peter’s Barque

Reproductive Medicine Grows Ever More Disturbing - Chuck Weber & Sr. Renée Mirkes, Catholic World Report

98% of Catholic Women Use Birth Control - Foxfier, The American Catholic

Altar Boys: There’s a Good Reason for That - Jay Boyd PhD, Philothea on Phire

Europe: No Free Expression for Critics of Homosexuality - J. C. von Krempach JD, Turtle Bay and Beyond

Washington State Gay “Marriage” Bill Forces Churches to Hold Gay Ceremonies - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say?

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