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Patron Saint of Bad Finances, Modern Art in Churches, Chastity, Character Strengths, and much more!

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| Posted 10/15/11 at 2:01 AM


Patron Saint of Compromised Financial Services - Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Is There a Place for Modern Art in Our Churches? - David Clayton, New Liturgical Movement

Hope and Homosexuality - Leonard Klein, First Things/On the Square

Chastity and Building the Culture of Life - Brendan Dudley, HLI America

The Arab Spring’s Forgotten Freedom - Samuel Gregg, American Spectator

“There Is No Place for the Jew in Libya” - Shiraz Maher, Hudson New York

Are Character Strengths Enough? - Kevin Ryan, MercatorNet

Le Chiese Delle Cittá: Santa Maria in Monterone - Nathaniel Gotcher,

What is so Special about the Interior Castle? - Catholic Spiritual Direction

Obama is Alienating Catholic Voters - Colleen Carroll Campbell, Catholic Lane

Why It’s Great to Be a Young Catholic - Marc Barnes, Crisis Magazine

The Church in Indonesia: Vibrant Witness to Christ’s Love - Vatican Radio

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