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An Introduction to Distributism, Egyptian Christians Slaughtered, Halloween, and much more!

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| Posted 10/11/11 at 3:01 AM


An Introduction to Distributism - Donald P. Goldman III, The Distributist Review

Egypt: Church Blames Army & Police after Dozens Dead - John Pontifex, Catholic Herald

Ten Signs You May Be a Distributist - Kenneth Spence, Acton Institute/Power Blog

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: “No More Churches” - Raymond Ibrahim, Hudson New York

Is Mormonism a Christian Denomination? - Mary Kochan, Catholic Lane

Halloween In Our Catholic Home - Bonnie Engstrom

Why Young Christians Leave the Faith - Marcel LeJeune, Aggie Catholics

A Summary of St. Dominic’s Prayer - Anthony Lilles, Beginning to Pray

What Is The Most Compelling Book You’ve Ever Read? - Brandon Vogt

America’s Greatest Catholic Intellectuals - Tom Hoopes, The Gregorian Blog

What About Us? - Joseph Koss

Rediscovering a New Path to God: Praying Through Art - Fr. John Bartunek, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Pope Leo XIII on Christopher Columbus - Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

The San José Articles - Austin Ruse, The Catholic Thing

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