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Register Radio: Reflecting on Pope Benedict XVI's Trip Home

Register Rome correspondent Edward Pentin and Senior Writer Tim Drake

BY Tim Drake

| Posted 9/30/11 at 1:00 PM


If you catch today’s “Register Radio” live or via podcast you’ll hear the Register’s Rome correspondent Edward Pentin summarize the Pope’s trip to Germany last week. In particular, Pentin says that among the Holy Father’s 17 addresses, the address to the Bundestag, and his address on the New Evangelization were highlights. Listen in to hear what Pentin thought were the surprises of the trip, as well as what Father Federico Lombardi, SJ, head of the Holy See’s Press Office, had to say about the Pope’s health.

In the second segment, the tables were turned on me. Dan Burke interviewed me about my blog post on the media’s negative news coverage of the Pope’s state trip before the trip even began. If you tune in, you’ll hear my assessment on whether things have improved or gotten worse since Pope John Paul II’s pontificate.

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