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These Old People GET New Media

BY Matthew Warner

| Posted 9/16/11 at 11:57 AM


Speaking of old people who get it, this old couple gets it.

On first glance it might seem like they absolutely don’t get it, but they actually do. And they’re cute, too:

They may not know how to operate their new software and web cam, but they get new media better than most people trying to use new media these days. This video has over 4 million views right now. Yesterday it had 2 million.

You may say that’s purely accidental on their part. Or that they just happened to be caught in a cute moment. Or maybe it was all staged—I’m not sure. But it works. And it’s cute. And that old guy is hilarious. Seriously.

Oh, and most of all, they are real. They’re authentic. That’s what’s missing from so much media. Just people being people. You being yourself. Totally natural, uncontrived, genuine authenticity. People dig people being people ... especially when it shows our best sides.