National Catholic Register


Higher Education

Publisher's Note

BY Michael Warsaw


September 11-24, 2011 Issue | Posted 9/2/11 at 6:05 PM


The Register's annual Catholic Identity College Guide (see Section C), now in its seventh year, features 31 colleges and universities from across the United States.

The Church, through Blessed Pope John Paul II's Ex Corde Ecclesiae, provided profound wisdom and vision regarding the high standard of authentic Catholic education.

To objectively measure the effort by Catholic colleges and universities to achieve this essential vision of Catholic identity, we synthesized what the Church has given us in canon law and other relevant documents into a 10-question survey. All that was required from our participants was a straightforward Yes/No question.

I hope you enjoy this edition of our College Guide. Let's pray that the number of participants continues to climb and that our children and grandchildren can and will be nourished in the essence of our great faith. God bless you!