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| Posted 8/2/11 at 3:01 PM


Ambiguity and Eucharistic Instruction - Stanley D. Williams Ph.D, Catholic Lane

The Virtues of the City - Randall Smith, The Catholic Thing

Why Did the Law of Moses Exist? - Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Does Religion Shrink Your Brain? - Denyse O’Leary, MercatorNet

Down Syndrome & the Purpose of Prenatal Testing - Matthew Hennessy, First Things/On the Square

Give Me that Old Time Religion to Reduce Crime - Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture

The Virtue of Fairness - Dr. Donald DeMarco, The Integrated Catholic Life™

Co-Creational Curriculum - Dr. James Knotwell, The Distributist Review

Calling Things by Their Proper Names- Anthony S. Layne, The Impractical Catholic

Bart Ehrman and the Hyper-Rational Protestants - Devin Rose, St. Joseph’s Vanguard

RU 486 Abortion Drug Kills 14 Women, Injures 2,200 - Steven Ertelt,

Top Cisco Employee Fired for Defending Marriage, Family - Rebecca Millette,

Absence of Faith - Father Simon Henry, Offerimus Tibi Domine

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