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Sarah Palin Coming to a Movie Theater Near You?

"The Undefeated" Movie Trailer Released

BY Tim Drake

| Posted 7/8/11 at 8:14 AM


Love her or hate her, but you cannot ignore her. Whether you think she’s a good presidential candidate or not, the new film, “The Undefeated,” about Sarah Palin, opens in select theaters on July 15. A look at the teaser trailer for the movie shows Palin as a wife, mother, and warrior who successfully took on the Republican establishment and big oil.

The movie premiered in Iowa at the end of June. Come July 15, it will be showing in theaters in Indianapolis, Phoenix, Orlando, Grapevine, Texas; Oklahoma City, Orange, California; Independence, Missouri; Houston, Kennesaw, Georgia; and Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

The documentary chronicles Palin’s time as governor of Alaska and her rise to Vice Presidential candidate. It was written and directed by award-winning filmmaker and co-founder of the National Tea Party Federation, Stephen K. Bannon. Palin’s aides approached Bannon about the possibility of producing a film. The Victory Film Group provided the financing for the film.

The Los Angeles Times described the film’s first three minutes as difficult to watch, as the movie features a stream of prominent celebrities vitriolic and often vulgar attacks on Palin.

“She draws a pathological dislike because she’s an existential threat to the establishment,” said Bannon. “She represents the people and working class values and that’s a threat.”

“The film shows Governor Palin is much more than just a ‘Caribou Barbie’ and explores the obstacles that she faced as she confronted the vested interests in her own state,” said Erica Hawksworth of CRC Public Relations.

One thing the film doesn’t do is answer the question everyone is wondering…“Is she going to run?” It does, however, set the stage. As Bannon has said, “She’s always been underestimated.”