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The Sportswriter vs. The Archbishop

BY Matthew Archbold

| Posted 6/24/11 at 1:56 AM


The push for same sex marriage in New York has been filled with name calling and harsh accusations, mostly from the pro gay marriage side - you know, the so-called “tolerant” ones.

Sportswriter Mike Lupica is a perfect example of that vicious trend. Lupica blatantly and unfairly attacked Archbishop Timothy Dolan in New York’s Daily News over gay marriage yesterday, accusing Dolan of “demonizing” gays just to become a Cardinal. Of course, he has no evidence to substantiate what he’s saying but facts didn’t seem to enter Lupica’s head while writing his hit piece.

Lupica writes:

First there is Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who came here from Milwaukee and sounds more like somebody from out of town than ever, saying that the idea of gay marriage constitutes an “ominous threat” to everything good and decent. Dolan sounds like somebody worrying that if gay marriage becomes law in New York on his watch, it may drop a safe on his chances of being promoted to Cardinal.

Instead of arguing logic, Lupica simply attacked Archbishop Dolan personally by accusing him of having ulterior motives. What evidence does he have? Absolutely none. But hey, Lupica is defending something that everyone around him agrees with so he’s allowed, right?

And did you get the part that DOLAN IS FROM MILWAULKEE!!! Just so you know, that means he’s not cool like Mike Lupica.

Then after ripping apart traditional marriage supporter NY Giant legend David Tyree by saying maybe he was playing without a helmet (Ha ha. That means he’s stupid!) Lupica lectures readers not to “demonize” political opponents.

You don’t demonize ex-football players and current top Catholics anywhere for believing what they believe, even as they do a pretty good job trying to demonize gay people, men and women, who are no threat to the moral fabric of this country or anything else. Or anybody. Dolan and Tyree are still wrong, the rhetoric they have brought to the debate laced with both ignorance and intolerance.

Yeah, don’t you dare demonize those intolerant, ignorant blowhards who demonize gay people for their own gain in their careers. Leave that to sportswriters.